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Our vision is to create a dynamic healing space where our clients can rebalance restore and rejuvenate.

Restoring your health through holistic therapies

Natural Health Clinic Melbourne

Elwood Natural Health takes an integrative approach to health care, believing that natural health practice can be used alongside conventional medicine to elicit the best health outcome for clients. We are committed to providing you and your family the best in natural healthcare, offering holistic services and evidence based practice to assist your overall health and wellbeing.

Our clinic is a community and family-focused healing space that aims to empower our clients with the knowledge required to take responsibility for their own health.

Our dedicated team of Naturopaths, Shiatsu, Remedial Massage, Myotherapists and Acupunctrists are passionate about helping you achieve your health goals.

Herbal Medicine Melbourne

By using herbal medicine to heal the body from within, we are able to truly target the root cause of your ill health instead of treating it at a surface level. Treat your body from within by visiting our natural health and detox clinic, Elwood Natural Health. We are the local natural health clinic for those in Elwood and surrounds, including:

To book an appointment call Elwood Natural Health, on 9531 5187 or book online.

Our Mission

  • To encourage positive change personally and professionally on an individual and community basis
  • To act with honesty, integrity, respect and compassion
  • To empower our clients with the skills and knowledge to take responsibility for their own health management
  • To provide professional certified Naturopaths and Massage Therapists who are passionate about what they do, exceptional in their abilities and embody the healthy lifestyle we promote
  • To support and encourage the ongoing development of our staff to continually enhance the breadth and quality of our services

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Ultra Lite Package

The Ultra Lite program is based on ketogenic principles including high fat, as well as moderate amounts of protein and carbohydrates. This program incorporates delicious, healthy whole foods into the diet and eliminates excess carbohydrates so the body can switch over from relying on carbohydrates as fuel to using fats as fuel. 

New Well-being Package

Wellbeing Package

Start feeling better today! An initial and follow up Naturopathic Consultation & 2 Remedial Massages will kick start you into better health. It's time to make you a priority! Save $100 when purchased as a package. Call the clinic 9531 5187 for more information or Make a booking


Detox Program

    Whether you're looking to lose weight, detox the body or build up your immune system our Programs will support and help you make lasting changes. Learn More →

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    Consultations for children are half price

    As part of our commitment to family and community healthcare we offer children's Naturopathic consultations half price.  We also have a Naturopath available everyday to discuss any issues you or your family may be having. Before booking your appointments we are happy to have a brief discussion in the clinic or over the phone to assess your options. Make a booking

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    Herbal Remedies

    For acute conditions such as cold and flu our Naturopaths are able to prepare over the counter herbal remedies based on your symptoms.  If you don't live in the area we can also post herbal mixes after discussing your symptoms over the phone.


    22 Ormond Road
    Elwood, Vic 3184

    Email & Phone    (03)9531 5187

    Clinic Hours

    • Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm
    • Friday 9am-5pm
    • Saturday 9am-2pm
    • Sunday and after-hours by appointment