If you don't enjoy political blogs then this is not for you.....but as QUALIFIED natural health practitioners, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

We believe over the past several months there has been a deliberate, targeted attack towards our industry endeavouring to malign our professionalism and efficacy. Whether it be sweeping statements made on current affairs programs or the evening news regarding natural therapies and supplements (without a right of reply), or the removal of naturopathy and herbal medicine from private health insurance rebates; it appears the intention is to run us out of practice . Are we ready for our health choices to be narrowed to what is just in your GPs toolbox, that is pharmaceuticals?

Sometimes pharmaceuticals are the only choice. However why is there a push to discredit an industry which is self-funded and primarily supported by individuals who want to be proactive about their health and prefer to use preventative medicine at their own cost, rather than burden the already inundated public health care system?

Our rebuttal to all this negative press is that we have studied for 4 years to gain a degree in natural medicine and we practice evidence-based health care. Sure, there are charlatans within the wellness industry, just as there are charlatans in the mainstream medical profession. You will never stop opportunism and fraudulent activity.

The best ways to protect yourself from any dangers posed by the natural medicine industry are:

1) Don't believe everything you read on google or social media and self-prescribe; and

2) Seek the help of a QUALIFIED natural health practitioner and have them source the best quality supplement for you and check if it is suited for you or may interact with other medicines you are taking. Also this practitioner will assess whether you actually need it in the first place and track your progress and improvements.

3) Seek out a GP who supports your preventative health care measures as a true integrative approach between natural and medical health will provide the best health outcomes.

We do not practice sickness medicine like our medical counterparts who are trained in pharmaceutical outcomes but rather specialise in wellness medicine which uses long-term diet and lifestyle modifications to prevent chronic disease.