Shed those Winter kilos – Summer is coming

Often Winter sees us snuggling at home with comforting high carbohydrate foods and Netflix and much less time is spent being active outdoors.  Invariably this can lead to weight gain and a general reduction in vitality over the Winter months.

Heading into Spring is a good time to think about how you can shed those unwanted kilos and improve health and vitality. Consequently, as the sun increases in warmth so does our energy begin to stir.  This is an excellent time to reset your health and throw off the Winter blues, especially if you haven’t been able to fly away to the Northern Hemisphere to escape the cold.

For some, it will mean a light Spring Clean, that is improving detoxification and your body’s elimination channels.  Namely, liver, kidney and bowels.  Our 2-4-week detoxification program (which includes a booklet explaining diet modifications) will improve the function of these organs and leave you feeling refreshed and vital once again.

Maybe your digestion is no good after all the Winter stodgy foods and you have noticed persistent bloating or inconsistent bowel motions.  Perhaps this has not been a pattern isolated to just this Winter but a long-term trial and error of food elimination and diet modification.  If this is you, a stool test which analyses your microbiome might give the information about what is missing or overgrown.  A restorative diet will feed beneficial gut bacteria and improve digestive symptoms.

Finally, you may just want to shift that spare tyre that has lodged around your waist.  Weight loss is about much more than just looking good, it is about feeling healthy and energetic.  Those unwanted kilos that creep on, year after year, can begin to cause and drive chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), Type 2 Diabetes, respiratory disorders, elevated blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. These lifestyle-driven diseases can be painful, restrict our movement, destroy our quality of life and even shorten it.

Research tells us that abdominal weight gain or obesity is a global epidemic, seeing a shift over the last 150 years of disease being driven by lifestyle factors.  The social disorganization of eating: a neglected determinant of the Australian epidemic of overweight/obesity. Bittman M1, Cleary E2, Wilkinson-Bibicos C3, Gershuny J4.

 The good news about weight gain and its side effects is that we can control this, change it and in many cases reverse the effects.  Short-term ketogenic diet programs like Ultra Lite together with a daily walking regimen, are ideal to reduce weight, inflammation and improve energy levels.  A 5-week program will shed between 7-10 kgs, a 10-week program over 15kgs and help reset your eating habits and have you reaching for all the right foods.

Naturopaths spend a large amount of their study focusing on nutrition and lifestyle in order to help their patients prevent chronic illness.  If you fall into any of the above categories then a visit to our clinic to embark on either Detox, Microbiome or Ultra Lite programs, may be a worthwhile investment to get yourself back on track.