2 Week Detoxification Program

We have put together a simple 2 week program for those who want to lose weight and boost energy levels or for those who simply want to cleanse and detoxify the body. This program efficiently cleanses the liver and digestive tract with herbs and nutrients without stressing the body and leaving you hungry.

What you will get:

1x Initial Consultation with a Naturopath (60 minutes or 30 minute consult for returning clients)
This includes a full assessment of your health. In this appointment, you will also have your body composition analysis taken which will provide your cellular health, hydration status, lean mass, body fat and detoxification capacity.

1x Follow up Consultation with a Naturopath (30 minutes)
After the 2 week detox program, we will evaluate and review changes in your body composition analysis.

Detox Supplements
The 2 detox supplements required for the program will be included as part of this package as well as dietary and lifestyle advice tailored to your individual needs. There will be no extra cost for these products and tools.

For extra motivation, you will receive a complimentary treatment proposal that will assist you in continuing your health and wellness goals beyond the detox. To support you further, you will also be provided with a herbal tea, made of nourishing, cleansing and antioxidant rich herbs.

New clients ONLY $298 (Save $100)

Returning clients ONLY $250 (Save $90)

For a relaxing and deeper cleanse consider adding on our massage special

ADD 2x1 hour Remedial Massage for $150 (Save $48)

*Offer valid for detox program clients only during 2 week period*