Ultra Lite Weight Loss Program

The Ultra Lite program is based on ketogenic principles. This program incorporates delicious, healthy whole foods into the diet and eliminates excess carbohydrates so the body can utilise stored fats as fuel

5 & 10 Week Program

This program is designed for clients who wish to lose over 5kg. You will receive a recipe book, meal plans, weekly check-ins with a naturopath, nutritional sachets & other supportive products

Cost: 5 week program $630 upfront payment/ 10 week program $1137


Microbiome Testing

Designed for those who are suffering from gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, constipation and/or diarrhoea

Includes comprehensive stool test and consultation where you will be supplied with a restorative diet plan

For one test and consultation $175 or for more long-standing problems we suggest 3 tests (before, during and after) implementation of a comprehensive meal plan $399


2 Week Detoxification Program

Designed for those who are wanting to reduce toxicity and inflammation and improve digestion & energy levels

You will receive 2 consultations (before and after) and practitioner only products & manual to complete the cleanse (all included)

Cost: New clients $330/ Return $286 (savings $80 per package)